Hey There!

I'm Amanda

I'm your Abbotsford BC based photographer who has been obsessed with dogs, chocolate and the beach for 35 years! I talk about my dog a lot.. He's a rescue from Taiwan, He's gorgeous.. I love him.. lol! I love showing people how amazing God has made them to be and I really want you to see that too. It means more to me that you walk away after our time together feeling refreshed and revived more than anything. I know I need more people like that in my world!



“Wow...I don’t have enough amazing things to to say about Amanda. I’ll stick with the really important ones.

She is bright, funny, beautiful and humbling to work with. I was so nervous and felt silly. She made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and that I was in really good hands. Not only was my experience with her fun and insightful, my photos are incredible!

Thank you for being amazing and kind, and helping me see how beautiful I am!

xoxo Katie”